The suffering called dressing

The trouble with dressing up

Long, long ago someone once figured out that we humans had to wear clothes.I love it, I love clothes. But my children? Who are usually not so happy with the invention of clothing.

Not that they prefer to walk around bare-assed, mind you. (Although…) But mr. and Mrs. find dressing up a huge suffering that they have to endure on a regular basis.

The suffering called dressing up

It starts as soon as you get to dress that warm little twit yourself for the first time. Your little sprout has been sitting wonderfully naked in your warm belly and then suddenly finds itself in an ambient temperature considerably lower than in that womb. That’s a horror in itself. Then those little arms and legs are put in a diaper, a romper, socks, a suit and a hat. Nice and warm, but dear, what a tugging at that little pink body.

In general, little babies’re not exactly happy about getting dressed. Certainly not if the ‘new’ mom or dad is pulling on them uncomfortably.

The baby with a will of her own

In time you will get used to getting dressed, but then… Then your baby gets bigger, more mobile and they get a will of their own. The horror! The baby, (read my daughter) wants to sit, grab everything, eat everything and see everything. So she especially does not want to lie down to get dressed.

Does mommy do that? Then you scream, of course. And sure enough!? It has an effect too.

This mama finds it irritating to dress a screaming and protesting baby. So This Mama Fails in Her Persistence and Lets the Baby ‘ Win ’. Madam is put upright and dressed like this. Nice and easy too with those snaps under the romper and pulling up the pants.. But hey, the lady is no longer screaming and is happy.

Nowadays I am so adept at this that I can even change a diaper while sitting down.

The toddler who does cooperate

If you have survived that phase you come to the phase where your child can stand up. That made me personally very happy. My little man was exactly like my daughter and found getting dressed a horror too. Until he could stand.

Hop, stand on the changing pad, your toddler has nowhere to go and you have them dressed in the blink of an eye. Ideal.

The toddler who says no

Of course this phase did not last long because then mister became a toddler. Such’a toddler who says “no” to everything or “do it yourself”. My little man didn’t like that, he was more lazy than tired when it came to getting dressed. But “no”?

Yes, he learned that sound pretty quickly and he liked it. ’s mornings just quickly get dressed? “NO!” With the diaper on his butt and the pants at his ankles we ran around the house. It took us at least 5 minutes to put on one piece of clothing. Everything had to become a game and preferably as hard and as fast as possible. Standing still for a moment?

That wasn’t in the cards either. Running away, lying backwards, standing upside down. I still get tired just thinking about it.

The distress of dressing

The toddler who thinks it’s fine

Well, and then the toddler gets a little older and wiser. At least, that’s the idea. Our little man is now a toddler again. Soon he can go to school.

Personally, I think that when you’re almost four, it’s best to get dressed yourself. Mister has a different opinion. Every morning again it’s a struggle to get dressed. I want him to do that, himself he’s fine. He would prefer to walk all day in his pajamas because then he doesn’t have to bother with annoying buttons, socks that don’t cooperate or sweaters that don’t go over his head.

I can understand it, it is also difficult to put on some clothes. But come on, he can do it. Well, maybe he gets that a little from me.

Because why be difficult when it can be easy? I always end up doing it and then I have to dress my little man every day. Will dressing up ever go by itself??

Or do I still walk behind my children with underpants on when I walk behind the walker?

Do you recognize this suffering called dressing up? Or doesn’t dressing your child(ren) bother you?? Tips are also welcome. 😉


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