Sinterklaas recipes for a lovely evening

Sinterklaas recipes for a wonderful evening

Last Saturday it was finally time. Sinterklaas is back again. What could be more fun than to enjoy delicious Sinterklaas recipes while watching the Sinterklaas news or wrapping up the presents??

I listed the most delicious recipes.

Sinterklaas recipes

Since I am not a huge kitchen princess but I do love food, I enlisted the help of some fellow bloggers. I was looking for delicious recipes with ginger nuts and / or peppercorns. Sinterklaas recipes that fit perfectly with Saint Nicholas Eve.

Luckily I have lots of blog colleagues’who know what to do with a mixer and spatula. So I got plenty of inspiration to get started with for Christmas Eve. Since I am getting a bit stressed by all the delicious recipes, I will share them with you as well.

Sinterklaas recipes in a row

Joyce already made several yummy Saint cakes. An apple pie with pepernoten, and also mini pepernoten cheesecakes. I am especially curious about that last one.

Cheesecake is always good but I think it’s totally delicious this way.

Nicole made me very happy with the recipe for tiramisu with spiced nuts. It looks delicious so I think I will put it on the menu for Christmas Eve. You will also find on her blog ‘Meisje Eigenwijsje’ a recipe for a real Sinterklaas cake with a base of spiced nuts.


Looking for a nice peppernut recipe that you can make without any packages and bags?? Take a look at Cynthia’s blog. She and her daughter of two made yummy gingerbread cookies!

Well, and are you more in the mood for a technical masterpiece? Then you should take a look at Linda’s blog. She shared an awesome Black Pete cake with a rim of KitKat.

For licking your fingers.

What is your favorite Sinterklaas recipe? Do you have any tips?


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