Making a Youtube video- what do you need

Make a Youtube video – what you need

Do you want to start a Youtube channel or already have one, but want to make better videos’s, then you might benefit from my tips. I'm not a pro, I'm a hobbyist, but in the last few years I've learned a lot about how to make a YouTube video and what I need

Making video’s for a Youtube channel

For several years now I have a Youtube channel, in the beginning I used to post on here, but sporadically. Until half a year ago when I got more and more pleasure in shooting creative video’s or reviews. While filming I discovered more and more and also what worked better or easier and today I am listing all of this.

What can you all use

Do you now (better) videos’s for a Youtube channel then there are tools that can help you, better videos’s to make and really, we do not have to be professionals, just with the occasional slip, a mistake or whatever, it is fun for the viewers watching your video. What to buy and what to look out for, as I wrote I am a hobbyist, but really enjoy making my creative videos’s:

A vlog camera

A few years ago I needed a new camera, of course I take a lot of pictures and videos with my mobile phone, but I also wanted a compact camera. I then bought the Canon Powershot G7 max ii. I bought it purely for the camera but then read that this camera could also be used well as a vlog camera.

Afterwards I am very happy with this, because this camera is great to use to make videos’s.

Curious about the Canon Powershot G7, you can buy it here

A tripod

For both your (vlog) camera and your mobile it is easy to use a tripod. This way your image is always steady and does not shake. Choose a tripod that you can easily take with you.

One that can be used for your camera as well as your mobile phone and one that stands firmly in place.

Looking for another tripod for your Blog camera, check it out here

A microphone

I have been making videos’s for a Youtube channel for some time now. Usually these are creative videos’s. Because I cut and paste, I often speed up the images, the text is of course removed. When I later spoke the text, it was difficult to listen, I have recently purchased a microphone and must say I am very satisfied with it.

It was not a very expensive microphone – in that there is an awful lot of choice in model and price-, but this one filters out background noise well and is perfect for my purposes.

Microphones come in many price ranges, check out a collection here


I have a MacBook Air and have IMovie on it. With this I can very well make my videos for a Youtube channel. In this I can cut, paste, edit etc.

If you want to make video’s, please check first what program you have on your computer and become familiar with it, go try, go practice and make your own video’s.

Good light

Also make sure you have good light. I myself always sit at my desk and also make my videos’s here. Now this desk is in front of a window.

If I am filming and there is a lot of light coming in I make sure the curtains are closed and I also play with light from above.

Making videos for a Youtube channel

What is important to try out. The first video you make for a YouTube channel, you can totally try out. You don't have to put them online right away. Try, use the above tips and get going.


Curious about my video’s? This is one of the creative video’s I made!