Christmas trends – what colors and decorations we see this year

Christmas trends- what colors and decorations are we seeing this year

Just a little while and the holiday month of December starts again, time to see what the Christmas trends This year. What do we look good with and what do you see especially past? I looked for the trends around Christmas 2021.

The Christmas trends of this year

It’s all a bit of a pipe dream how we can celebrate Christmas this year, but let’s hope we can at least do it with family and friends. In recent times, love, coziness and security are the words you see a lot in the Christmas trend this year. And logical too, of course, because isn’t this just what we’re looking for.

Choose your trend

Let me first say that of course you will decide for yourself what comes into your home, Christmas trend or not. Maybe you love to unwrap every year with new baubles, spikes and decorations. Or maybe you’ve had the same thing hanging from the tree and on the table for years. The important thing here is to choose what you like. And do whatever you want.

Some prefer to see the whole house lit up in Christmas atmosphere and others think a Christmas tree is enough, or perhaps don’t even want that and go for other Christmas decorations in the house.

Love, cosiness and security

Love, cosiness and security, these are the words that will make up this year’s Christmas decorations and we will need them even if we have to spend Christmas alone with the family. Do we go chic or do we stay on the couch in loungewear and watch Christmas movies?? Whatever happens we can do whatever we want with the Christmas trend.

Classic Christmas colors

Coziness and intimacy will be seen this year in the Christmas trend where the more soft tones may be present, think of pink baubles in the tree, but also rustic tranquility is something you will see back. The green of the tree can come back in the whole house. By plants and decoration.

The classic Christmas colors red, green and gold are loved every year. Decorate the tree with these colors, but if you like more decoration don’t just leave it at the tree. Finally, the whole house can be decorated with classic Christmas colors.

Christmas balls and ornaments

Sparkling ornaments and hand-decorated baubles are there for that festive and timeless look. And while in the past there were mainly baubles in the trees, nowadays you see more and more ornaments. You can find these in all colors and sizes, but also in all subjects, think of a hobby, sport or for example an ornament in vintage atmosphere.

How nice to find a suitable ornament for everyone in the family?

The whole house gets to join in

Just a festive tree is home is enough for many, but if you want more then this is certainly possible. You can choose a Christmas decoration for the table, where you do not only have to decorate it at Christmas, but also the days before Christmas you can already bring the table in Christmas atmosphere. But also think about everything else that Christmas in the home can.

Christmas houses, poinsettias on the wall, candles on the table and Christmas socks in front of the fireplace.

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Visiting Christmas markets

All this year’s Christmas trends can of course be found at the Christmas markets, but also at all the well-known stores selling Christmas items, see what’s trendy and don’t forget Pinterest. For inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board Holidays