Creative with Wool and Paper for a Party

Get creative with wool and paper for a party

Say you’re having a party and course you can buy all sorts of things, but how fun is it to make things yourself? You can make Creative with Wool and Paper Get Started and Make Your Own Decorations for a Party.

Crocheting Garlands

Are you having a party or just want to brighten up your room a bit? Be creative with wool and paper and get started. How about a garland or wool flowers?

Creative with Wool and Paper

You can use Wool to Crochet Real Flags, But You Can also Opt For Flowers. You can find the Idea of the Flower Garland on the Site of Freubelweb. This is a site where you can really find all themes ’ s and topics to crochet or knit. I adapted these to my own ideas. On This Website You Will Find A Lot Of Nice Creative Ideas.

The Pattern of the Flowers:

Choose the Crochet Hook You Like That Matches The Wool You Are Going To Use.

Set Up 4 Stitches And Secure At The First Stitch With A Half Stop. Then crochet a loose and then seven loose in the ring. * Crochet 5 Loose and Crochet a Solid in the 2nd Loose of the Crochet Hook. Then crochet two sticks in the next two singles and another solid. Then crochet a half solid in the loose of the ring*. The First Leaf is Made. Then Crochet The Rehisitition Eight More Times ( *- *). After 9 Leaves Pull the Thread Through The Last Half Stop. Bind The Work. Make Different Flowers with Different Needles and threads. To get the most playful effect. Finally, Crochet A Garland of Chain Stitches and Crochet the Flowers to It. Your Flower Garland is ready.

Crochet Flowers Crochet Garlands with Wool

Your Glass or My Glass

Do You Know? Are you at a party, you put down your wine glass and then you do not know which glass is yours. Be Creative With Paper And Mark The Glasses with A Colored Shape On The Base of the Glass. This way everyone knows what color they have and which glass is theirs. Make Shapes of Stars, Flowers or Hearts. You can Make Thesis By Using The Shape Of A Cookie Cutter and Folding Leaves.

Creative with Wool and Paper

DIY Ideas

Do you have any fun homemade ideas for a party? Are you creative with wool and paper? Or Maybe with Something Completely Different? From May you May Link Your Photo ’ S Blogs and More Again at the Crea-Cross of Kreeanimo.