6 Fun Apps for Kids Duration the Christmas Vacations

6 Fun Apps for Kids Duration the Christmas Holidays

Duration the Christmas Vacations or Vacations in General, My Kids Are On Their Phones More OfTen Than Usual. Logical, They Are Free And Less Busy With Their Schoolwork. But what are great apps for kids, where they can have fun delging the Christmas vacations??

A Mobile Phone of Your Own

Both My Sons Have Their Own Cell Phones Thesis Days. We don’t have a landline phone anymore and the boys are Becoming So Independent That a Phone of Their Own was really just in the line of expectation. My Husband, me and our Oldest son have sim -only subscriptions. Our son also uses the internet more often outside the door, quickly looking something up, WhatsApping with friends or playing a game if he has to wait somewhere for a while.

Fun apps for kids

Next year the oldest goes to higher school and then he will probably use his phone a lot more. The games currently on it will then probably be replaced for school-related apps. The youngest son still has a prepaid card, but also for him we are looking if Sim Only Internet from Simyo, for example, might not be easier. Now that the Christmas vacations are about to begin, they like to put some extra apps on their phones. When we are with family during Christmas, the boys are the only young children and they get to bring their phones to play the occasional (Christmas related) game. But what are fun apps for kids?

The LEGO Life App

Not a Christmas app, but one that my sons use a lot: the LEGO Life App. According to my sons, this is a really fun app. The free LEGO Life App is a safe place for kids to get inspiration, show off their own LEGO creations and find building instructions. Pictures you upload can get a like. This App Got The Boys Building A Lot More With Lego, which Makes Me Happy Duration the Christmas Holidays.

A Fun App is the One from the Youth News Program

Very Different From A Game App, is the app from the Jeugdjournaal. We Watch the Youth News Every Day and On This App They Will Find the Latest Clips, Statements and Broadcasts From the Youth News. They can also use the app to Easily Take a Weather Photo and Send It in So It Can Be Shown in The Broadcast. Every Day They Fill In The Scaffold And also Watch Movies They Want To See Again. As we are of away duration the Christmas vacations, they can still keep up with the latest news and see the cutest animal videos ’ s.

Santa’s Farm

In Addition to these apps, which are already on their phones, they also wanted to put some real Christmas apps on their phones. But what are fun apps for them? A Really Fun Christmas App is Santa’s Farm. They Sometimes Play Township Here and Santa’s Farm is Actually the Christmas Version of This. In This Game You Visit Santa At His Farm at the North Pole. You Help Santa With Different Activities Like Making Cookies And Candies. You also Help Make Packages For The Children And Receive Letters From All Over The World. A fun and entertaining game.

Fun Apps

Fun Apps for Toddlers

Waiting in a Restaurant or at Grandpa and Grandma’s on the Couch Until Christmas Dinner Starts? Two Fun Apps For The Younger Kids: Find the Differences Christmas Edition and the Christmas Games App. The Christmas Games App is a Set of Games Especally for Children. The app consists of 7 Games the Games Help Children Better Understand Motor Skills, Creativity, Eye-Hand Coordination, Image Recognition and Numbers. The app is very fun and educational. From Snowman to Santa, You’ll Encounter It All.


An already Slightly Older App, which are Sure You’ve Seen Passing by in Previous Years, is Elfyourself. Fun to do when you are with the whole family together. Children can take nice pictures of uncles and aunts and put them in a happy movie. Indeed, with this fun app you transform your family into swinging elves doing a dance.

fun apps

Do you know of any other fun apps that kids can have fun with during the Christmas vacations?