8 reasons to go for a walk

8 reasons to go hiking

Walking is good for you! But why? Because it is low threshold? A walk is always possible?

Or because walking is just a fun activity? I list the 8 best reasons why walking is so good for you.

Walking the easiest way to exercise

Walking is perhaps the easiest way to exercise. You put on your coat and shoes, close the door behind you and go. Is that why so many people walk??

An alternative to running

Since I’ve been walking around with permanent knee problems and can’t and shouldn’t run anymore, I’ve rediscovered walking all over again. But they also appreciate it. It’s really the only thing that still goes a little and I have to cherish that.

And since we work at home together, my husband and I walk a lap together every day.

Why is walking so healthy

But what are the reasons to go hiking?


For me with dot on one, the accessibility of walking. Besides a good pair of shoes, you don’t need anything to go outside. It requires no preparation, no need to change clothes, just grab your keys and phone and off you go.

Walking costs nothing

This form of exercise costs you nothing. You might want to buy a pair of good walking shoes, but you might have done that otherwise, with an eye toward vacations at home or abroad.

You burn calories

Of course it’s not mountains of calories you can burn on a walk, but he! You are moving and if you walk a little you are moving well.

You are not beholden to others

What I really like about walking is that it’s easy to do on your own. Sometimes this is just so nice because you can completely clear your head while walking.

There is variety in walking

Make sure you have several laps to walk, then you can vary or go out for a fun walk in the neighborhood. We have three walks that we choose from depending on the weather or how much time we have.

You build fitness anyway

Again, it –s just like with burning calories-that you really won’t improve your fitness by very large steps, yet it will improve. And besides just building fitness, walking is also beneficial for your figure and general health.

8 reasons to go hiking

You have very little risk of injury with walking

When you take a walk, you have little chance of injury. Especially if you invest in good walking shoes. These provide good cushioning and walking is a natural movement, so muscle pain and injuries are practically non-existent.

It is good for sleep

By being outdoors a lot, but also purely by being in motion you ’ll sleep better at night. Exercise during the day makes you tired and helps you sleep better.