Budget tips for grocery shopping

Budget tips for groceries

Have a budget for groceries? And has this gone up with you as well lately? More and more I hear that people are spending more and more money on groceries.

But how can we try to keep some money left over?

People spend more on groceries

Since we all work from home as much as possible, the cost of groceries has also gone up significantly. Of course, you compensate this with what you have left over in travel expenses, lunches or coffee at work, so in that respect it should not make much difference. Still, the prices of groceries have definitely gone up lately and you can notice that when you budget for yourself for these groceries.

Kids get bigger

That I spend more on groceries is not surprising in itself. Besides drinking more coffee now that we work from home together, the boys are getting older and starting to eat more. Especially now that the eldest has to bike to high school every day.

In addition, we eat healthier and not that it is always more expensive, our lunches are much more extensive with more vegetables though. So and I buy more and the groceries have become more expensive, so I couldn’t really fit my budget in.

Budget tips

To still have some budget left at the end of month, I pay close attention to what I buy. Here are my tips:

  • Buy on sale, read the flyers you get in the mail and plan your week accordingly.
  • Do bulk shopping when it comes to products you can keep for a long time.
  • Go shopping with a full stomach
  • Make a shopping list
  • And make a weekly plan. This way you’ll always have a well-stocked fridge and won’t have food delivered any time soon.
  • Don’t throw away food, but possibly extra and freeze it. Benefit later in the week. should you have less time to cook for a change.
  • Stop using shampoo bottles and switch to a shampoo bar. Good for the environment and your wallet. In purchase, the shampoo bar is more expensive, but you also do much longer with it.
  • Buy seasonal produce.
  • Buy raw, especially cut fruit is incredibly expensive and you can do this just fine yourself.
  • Compare prices per kilo. By reading the price tags on the products you can see how much the product costs per kilo.
  • Use your freezer as a pantry. If meat is on sale, take some extra and freeze it.
  • But before you go shopping, take a good look at what’s in the fridge.
  • Leftover vegetables? Turn it into a soup.

Grocery shopping

Do you also notice that your budget for daily shopping has become more? Maybe these above tips will also help you have some money left over at the end of the month. And do you have any more tips?