Start running This way you prevent injuries and you quickly make meters

Start running? This way you prevent injuries and you quickly make meters!

Start running is often easier said than done. It is already February and probably many good intentions to move more have been killed. It’s a shame, because running can have a very positive effect on both physical and mental health. Moreover, everyone can do it.

As long as you start in the right way. Because just start somewhere and immediately make very long meters, not that work. You not only need good running shoes, but also the right action plan.

This way you prevent injuries and you notice faster than you think it will go better and better.

Do you want to start running and this time you really want to tackle it in the right way? With the following tips you will eventually become a pro!

Start making a running schedule

You can’t just start running. This is not just a matter of walking very long, very fast. If you try this, you will give up again in no time and injuries are lurking.

That is why it is important to build up quietly. Even if you think your condition is already very good. The muscles and joints in your body are heavily loaded while running. Your body must be given the time to get used to this.

Therefore always use a running schedule for beginners. You can easily find this online, but you can of course also make one yourself (with a little outside help).

With such a schedule, the way in which one walks are often looked at. For example, you walk for one minute, then walk for another minute, and so on. You build this up quietly. Just as long until you can run for half an hour. Often this goes faster than you think.

Such intervals are a very good way to let your body get used to it quickly and to challenge and build fit up.

Also be aware that you have to run several times a week to get your body used. Your body also needs rest, but that does not mean that once a week is sufficient. In order to really get used to your body, it is important that you run at least twice a week.

If necessary, choose two fixed days a week and really plan a few hours off. So you no longer have excuses not to go and it will slowly become a routine.

Buy good running shoes

It will surprise you how many people start running on their regular sneakers. After all, why would you spend a lot of money on new shoes if you are not sure if you will last? A logical reasoning, but when you leave your sneakers, you know for sure that you will not last long.

You will have to deal with serious injuries faster than you think.

Be aware that running asks a lot of your legs and feet. If the shocks are not filled in or collected correctly while running, this can have a huge effect on the body. Because of this you have more pain and you will even be confronted with serious injuries. That’s why you always start buying good running shoes.

Let them be fitted at a specialist store if necessary.

Moreover, this also gives a good stick behind the door. After all, if you have spent a lot of money on new shoes, then of course you would also like to continue using it.

A good warm-up and cooling down

Do you always find it so boring and annoying to do a warm-up first before you start? Then don’t forget that, no matter how boring, is really essential to prevent injuries. When you start running directly at full power, damage will occur faster in the muscles and joints.

Therefore, really take the time to do a good warm-up and cooling down. Your body will be grateful for it.

Pay attention to the pain

It is not strange if you experience a lot of pain after the first training days. Your body must get used to the new movements. That makes you feel muscles that you might not even know before. It is important to pay attention to the pain. Certainly in the beginning it is therefore important to plan enough rest days between the training sessions.

If you do this, then the pain is over after a few days. Moreover, you will notice that every training will be easier for you. Allow your body this time.