No sun – still get a summer tan on your face

No sun – still get a summer tan on your face

A summer tan on your face is something we often want, but sitting in the sun all day is not. It is also nice to have a little color after winter, even if the sun is not so bright yet. How to put a little color on your face?

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Give your face some attention

After the cold winter months, you often have a pale face. You’re missing vitamin D and haven’t seen the sun for a long time. Now you may not be so keen to go out in the sun right away when it shines or can’t stand it very well. But do you want that healthy tan on your face?. A little color can make you feel good.

How to get a little color on your face?

Opt for a face tanner or make-up

You don’t have to spend hours in the sun to still get a healthy tan on your skin. Natural beauty comes from within, but of course we can help it a little bit. And with the right skin care and skin products, you can create a healthy look for yourself.

A facial tanner

If you are not into makeup, but would like to have a healthy color on your face choose a facial tanner. You can, of course, opt for a tanning bed, but many people have color on the arms and legs, but prefer not to go too long with their face in the sun. The best facial tanner will give your skin a healthy color and preserve your natural beauty.

A facial tanner not only gives a healthy color to your face, it treats you to vitamin D and also helps with stress and depression.

Or do you opt for makeup

Now of course, as with the full sun, there is still the risk of skin damage even with a facial tanner. Therefore, you can also choose to give your face a healthy tan by using makeup. Make-up products such as a bronzer give the skin a beautiful natural color.

How to choose the bronzer that suits your skin?

Which bronzer suits your skin

For years I did not dare to use bronzer, because I remember girls at school who had the wrong color on their face. But nowadays I also want some color in my face and then a bronzer is fine to use. Choose a color that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

You get that color in your face and it looks natural, but not too overdone. A natural beauty!

Do you go for the sun

If you prefer not to go out in the sun with your face, if there is no sun or if you haven’t had time to sunbathe but you would like to have some color on your face, then choose a face tanner or a bronzer. Do you like sunbathing now, are you a real sun worshipper? Even then you want to preserve your natural beauty for as long as possible. Make sure you have the right sunscreen. Lubricate well and keep doing so.

Choose a day cream with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to keep your skin healthy.