Corpus a journey through the human body

Corpus: a journey through man

Have you been to Corpus? Corpus is not only interesting because it is about the human body, it is also quite an adventure and super interactive!

Corpus is for children and adults

About nine years ago I visited Corpus. This was still with my old job. Super fun, because these were all nurses and we knew quite a bit about the human body anyway.

I found it very fascinating at the time, I remembered, and I was sure the kids would also find this an insanely fun museum.

Going out with a discount code

For years the oldest asked if we could go to Corpus one time. Now they had a study day. An ideal day to go out, the weather was not so good and I could use the discount coupons from Jumbo.

Because it is a weekday, the discount was high and, to be fair, this did make a big difference to the cost of admission.

What is Corpus

Corpus is an interesting and interactive journey through the human body. In 55 minutes you make this trip. You get headphones on and in a group of about twelve people you walk through the whole body.

You start at a splinter, and go through the heart,the liver, intestines, the eyes to the brain ( just the short version of the journey) . Every part of the body is covered. In an interesting and engaging story. Sometimes you walk through it and other times you sit on moving chairs or with 3D glasses on to explore the body.

When you get to the seventh floor and have had the brains, there follows several floors of interactive games and facts. Here children can also do a treasure hunt.

corpus study day discount

Very nice

Where the eldest wanted to go to Corpus, the youngest did not like this. He didn’t know what to expect from Corpus. Right as the tour of the body began, I could see from him how interesting and fun he found it.

He really liked the 3D images, the tongue ( you walk on this and it really feels like a tongue) and the brain.

He said afterwards that he really enjoyed it.

What you still need to know

If you want to go to Corpus now, keep in mind that you have to reserve a time in advance. Twenty minutes before this reserved time you must be present. You get a group number and these are called one by one.

As soon as you hear the song you get the headphones and begin your journey through the human body.

Practical information

Corpus, Willem Einthovenstraat 1,Oegstgeest.

Entrance prices: Online prices children 6 to 14 years €14.25/ adults €16.75, Parking costs €7.00. The scavenger hunt € 1.50. Ages 6 and up.