Saving energy with a heat exchanger

Saving energy with a WTW system

With gas and energy prices going up so incredibly, we are massively looking at what we can change in the house to still save some money. Insulating the house is something you hear about more often, but you can also provide a ventilation system with a WTW system. This saves energy and creates a healthy environment in the house.

How this works and what you need for this. You can read it in this article.

What is a WTW system

A heat recovery system is a ventilation system for the whole house. What it actually does is bring outside air filtered into the house and transport polluted air back outside. With a WTW system you always ensure sufficient healthy air in the house.

How to save energy with this installation

Now in these expensive times, we prefer not to spend too much money on extra’s. But if you can earn money back with this it’s of course very beneficial. Purchasing a WTW system costs money, but the energy you save makes you quickly forget the expense.

The thing is, the heat exchanger allows the air entering the house to take the temperature of the air being exhausted. This means less heating in winter and less air conditioning in summer. This saves energy and ensures that the bill will be lower.

How do I maintain this system

A ventilation system must be well maintained if you want to save costs. In the system is a WTW filter. This filter made sure clean air enters the house and dirty air goes out.

The filter needs to be replaced after a certain time, this keeps the system longer good. These WTW filters can easily be bought online at Tops WTW filters. Here they have the right filters for every brand.

Check which one you need and order it easily online.

Can I install a heat recovery system myself

Do you want a WTW system in your home, you can buy it online, but can you install it yourself?? Anything goes, but installing a ventilation system requires experience. Now there is a clear manual that comes with the installation, but if you don’t feel up to installing it yourself look online for options to hook up.

Where does this ventilation system come in

Where the WTW ventilation system is installed depends on the brand and type you buy. It’s possible:

  • Horizontal to the wall
  • Vertical to the wall
  • Lying on the floor
  • Against the ceiling

Horizontal to the wall is actually the most common, the other options are often seen when there is less space available.

Take care of your home

With gas and energy prices so high, maybe now is the time to invest in sustainable solutions for your home, Like insulation, installing a heat exchanger is costly, but will definitely pay for itself. Now and later. Think carefully about a ventilation system, it is good for the humidity in the house, it reduces the risk of mold in the house and is therefore good for your health and good for your wallet.