10x what made me happy

10x what made me happy 5

The last month of my pregnancy has started. I am counting down a lot because it is pretty tough at the moment. Every Sunday I Write A Post With 10 Things That Made Me Happy. I have to look for these moments more and more in the little things since so much anymore. Fortunately This Still Works Out Fine and We Just Enjoy the Little Things. Read what made me happy.

What made me happy

1. The Little Man Got To Spend The Weekend With His Grandparents in Brabant Again. Super to get pictures and messages showing that he is having a great time. This weekend he is out again. This way mommy has a little rest and little man has a very nice weekend. Toppie!
2. At the Beginning of the Week the First Wren Showed Itelf in The Garden. A Tiny Little Bird That I Just Managed To Photograph in Time.
3. New Nails. Always relaxing to be allowed to go to the beauty salon. Just catch up and be pampered in the meeanime. I love it.

Happy 2

4. Living next to a beautiful recreational area is now very nice. Because of my low blood pressure I cannot do much at the moment. However, when things are going well I can go for a nice walk around the pond with my men. I Spotted a Beautiful Butterfly Chilling Out For While.
5. In That Same Area the Little Guy Wanted to Do Dittch Bingo Every Day This Week. A Two-Minute Walk Away There Is A Nice Toad Pool Where we just Found A Small Salamander.
6. Crafting. The Little Man Wants To Do Craftts Every Day and Mom Likes It Too. So we had QUITE A PRODUCTIVE WEEK. The Picture Shows The Materials We Needed For The Quiet Book Pages ’ S I Wrote About Yesterday.

What made me happy

7. New Orchids Given To Me By My Mother-in-Law And Little Man. Very proudly he put them in the big pot. Always nice to have some flowers in the house.
8. Thursday I Received the Entire CD With photos ’ S of the Shoot My Horse Had A Month AGO With Le-Photography. Actually Samos Should Be Alone But A Few Pictures with My Fat Belly Seemed Nice. Now I am super glad that I did because I am actually nice on it!
9. The Help I Have For My Horse Makes Me Very Happy. I Can't Do It Myself Anymore So Two Very Sweet Girls Take Care of Him Full Time Now. I was very happy that I could finally go to him by myself again. How much can you miss a horse.
10. The End Of July also Made Me Very Happy With The Statistics of Bblogt.and. There are more and more visitors and we already have QUITE A FEW Loyal Returning Readers. Very Nice! thank you!

Wonder What The Coming Week Will Bring Us Again. First Let's Enjoy the Sunshine. (In the shade that is;)) What made you happy this week?

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