Holidays in your own land – Special places to spend the night

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

It looks more and more that many people are going to go for a holiday in their own country. It is also difficult to say whether it is safe enough abroad and in the Netherlands we also have beautiful places to spend the night. MissPublicity listed it for us!

Enjoy the most special staycations this summer

We have canceled our trip to America and where we will spend the summer vacation is still uncertain. This can be overnight stays in a tent or just in our own house.

We don’t have to cross the world

We can go out again slowly and that feels like a relief. A day at another city or a long weekend to the coast. Fortunately we don’t have to travel half the world for that. This summer the trend is loud and clear: holiday in your own country.

But today’s staycations are more special than they have ever been. MissPublicity has again made a special selection of overnight stays for this second edition of the Staycation Special.

Where can we spend the night?

Boutique Hotel Eleanor

In a monumental building from 1752 in the center of Middelburg, Boutique Hotel Eleanor welcomes its guests to spend the night. In this new design hotel on Zeeland soil, authentic elements are combined with a quirky and elegant interior. Together with the brasserie and cocktail bar of the same name, a place has been created where hotel guests, visitors and locals can also come together responsibly during this time.

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

On the terrace of Eleanor it is good to be this summer. A tip for the real gourmets: in good weather, order the Eleanor Gin, renowned in the Signature Cocktail, and the legendary Eleanor Drop; An ice cold served with vodka, watermelon, strawberry, lemon and ginger. Delicious after a day on the bike, in the boat or on the beach.

Central Park Voorburg

Central Park Voorburg is the name of the restaurant and the picturesque Boutique Hotel in the Government and Rust National Monument. It is centrally located in the Randstad and in a particularly beautiful green area in Voorburg near The Hague. The location is perfect for a Get Away in its own country.

You can not only spend the night here in one of the 14 luxury suites, but also enjoy a high -quality dinner. A nice side effect is the love for wine that prevails in the building. The wine list has more than 100 wines, so enough to taste during the stay at Central Park.

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

Kingkool The Hague City Hostel

Kingkool has been located since 2014 in a national monument in the center of The Hague. Boutique Hostel, Design Hotel, Budget Accommodation? There is no thought here in boxes. You experience the hostel vibe, but with the desired privacy and comfort that people are used to from a hotel.

Creative dealing with space and material to create a unique experience is what it’s all about at Kingkool.

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

Discount on the stay

In these times the hostel concept is no longer what it was. Spend the night is different. The dorms can only be reserved in its entirety by families. From Kingkool you can walk into the center of The Hague. 15 minutes from the beach, culture, shopping and many terraces make an overnight stay in The Hague the perfect location for a staycation.

Use the discount code #staycation on the Kingkool website and get a 10% discount on the entire stay.

Lloyd Hotel

Lloyd Hotel is a collection of people, in all shapes and sizes, with a shared love for Amsterdam and hospitality. The historic building located on ’ t IJ is full of unique rooms in surprising designs, with attention to the smallest details. Lloyd Hotel is the first 1-to-5 star hotel in the world.

The hotel welcomes everyone: from backpackers to business travelers and locals who have to charge a moment.

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

Ashkan Mortezapour Photography

Special Staycation Deals

That charging will be fine at Lloyd Hotel. This summer the hotel offers very special Staycation Deals. For example, book the film deal: an overnight stay in the room with the seven -person bed and stream with the whole family your favorite movie. The projector and the popcorn are even ready for you. Prefer to do something during your stay?

Then go for the Lloyd bicycle deal and explore the city by bike, like a real Amsterdammer.

Ashkan Mortezapour Photography

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin

Located on the highest dune in Noordwijk, Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin is the ultimate Get-a-Way aan Zee; Get a breath of fresh air, culinary enjoyment and relax in the spa. Hospitality, perfection and superior service make this hotel a unique location. The Grand Hotel has three restaurants including the prestigious restaurant Latour, the proud owner of a Michelin Ster, and Breakers Beach House. The beach pavilion that is located directly on the Noordwijk coast.

The place where you feel on the French Riviera on summer days. Let go of the daily worries? Then visit the MC Wellness Center.

Holidays in your own land special places to spend the night

Do you prefer to go out? That is certainly possible in the area of Noordwijk. The seaside resort is part of the Hollandse Duinen National Park.

Rent a bike at the hotel and discover the natural environment. And did you know that historical Leiden can be reached within an hour by bike?