Start the day with coffee for example

Start the day with coffee for example with Coffe@Home

Start the day with a cup of coffee. Most people really need this to wake up. And only when you get your first cup of cup, do you notice how you need it every morning.

Not just a tea drinker

In addition to a good cup of coffee, it is also tea that is drunk a lot. There is so much variation here, from black to green tea, tea with flavors or just tea. Most people start the day with coffee and then drink a lot of tea, after which the evening can be closed with a cappuccino.

Black coffee please.

Black coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino or cafe latte, nowadays you can make it all, at home. But with good beans. And whether you drink it black, with sugar or milk, coffee is coffee.

Basic need number one

Well, for many people, coffee is just part of it in the morning, to wake up after a restless night, to start the day, at breakfast, or after a plate of porridge.

Orientate to a new coffee machine

A coffee machine does not have eternal life, not at all if it is used so much. The wishes are often very simple. You want to be able to make coffee with beans and occasionally vary with coffee and make a cup of cappuccino or latte macchiato.

At Coffee@Home I found coffee machines from the Jura brand. Jura is a beautiful brand, with beautiful, stylish machines. On the site of coffee@home you can choose from different coffee machines.

You can make espresso with it or machines with which you are more than just ‘ ordinary ’ can make coffee and vary well..

Private Coffee Lease

What appeals to me at Coffee@Home is that in addition to beans or buy a machine, you can also opt for Private Coffee Lease. You take out a coffee subscription where you make a choice from a Jura coffee machine. You also choose the desired coffee beans. You place an order through Private Coffee Lease and the coffee machine and beans are delivered at home.

Every month you get automatically and free fresh beans delivered at home. It is mailbox post so you don’t have to stay at home. From 1.59 a day you use all the conveniences of Private Coffee Lease at Coffee@Home!