The GuestHouse Hotel a special overnight stay in Kaatsheuvel

The GuestHouse Hotel, a special overnight stay in Kaatsheuvel

Staying overnight at the Efteling. On June 7 a new hotel will open in Kaatsheuvel: the GuestHouse Hotel. A hotel where you can be yourself, just like at home.

Within walking distance of the Efteling. Ideally so.

The Efteling

How much we enjoyed our visit to the Efteling. Coincidentally, this was now the second time in a few months. Very wild, when you hear that the last time I went there -I think- was 32 years ago.

We had the opportunity to visit the Efteling in winter and a few weeks back we were there again.

By no means seen everything

The first time at the Efteling we visited some attractions and then actually forgot all about the fairytale forest. The second time, this was the first place I wanted to go. Because we then had to queue at attractions a few times, the day actually went by far too quickly and, as we headed home, we realized that we had not yet seen everything.

Staying overnight at the GuestHouse Hotel

‘The next time we go for a whole weekend.’ I suggested on the way home. A few days later, I saw that on June 7, a.s. a new hotel opens in Kaatsheuvel. They say they are the number 1 hotel.

My curiosity was piqued.

Very special rooms

In the GuestHouse Hotel are very special rooms. Logical, of course, because at the Efteling and Kaatsheuvel, the bedrooms should be ‘magical’ as well. There are three room types; The BunkHouse Room, GreenHouse Room and FarmHouse Room. In the BunkHouse room you will find – very cool- a six-person bed, but there are also rooms available for four people as well. The GreenHosue rooms adjacent to the roof garden and the FarmHouse rooms are very large rooms, some of which are also for the disabled.

All rooms are equipped with all the luxuries you can expect, for example a flat screen TV with Netflix, a safe, charging stations by the beds and a work area.


An example of a BunkHouse room

The hotel, fully equipped

Not only the bedrooms are fully equipped, the entire hotel makes you feel right at home. Besides a Cozy Living Room Where You Can Read A Book, Get Together And Meet Others, You Can Take A Look In The Kitchen. There will be daily changing menus. The Kitchen Will Be Healthy, Fresh and Creative.

There is a (small) gym, but also running routes. There are rooms for meetings or parties ’ s and a small playroom, although i assume the children be exhausted after a day at the efteling amusement park.

The Efteling

There are four differentent efteling packages to book, from small to extra large. For all the information, take a look at the site and be surprised by the splendor of the hotel, The Efteling and the surroundings. Would you like to spend a night in Kaatsheuvel? Take a Quick Look at the Site. From June 7 You’re Welcome.

And even if you are not staying at the hotel, you are more than welcome in the Efteling restaurant, because after a day at the Efteling, you could use some rest as well.