Keep sending real post that is so much nicer

Keep sending real post, that is so much more fun

Are you also from ‘real post is so much nicer?’ You also still send cards and letters? Now the stamps are becoming more and more expensive, but still being allowed to send and receive post still the best. But what do you send then?

Send easily

Surprise someone in a personal and original way, just at home from behind the laptop. For example, you can do this with Greetz because real post is so much more fun. Send your cards, flowers, balloons, drinks, chocolate or other surprises such as fruit baskets or maternity gifts.

It works very easily.

Choose what you want to send

You choose what you want to send. If you choose a card, you have different choices. First you find an opportunity, such as birthday, birth or marriage. Then choose the type of card.

A photo card, a Magic card or Soundz card fall under the possibilities. Then you choose who it is; A man, woman, boy, girl, grandfather and grandmother and finally you have the choice from the collection. There is so much choice that you can find a unique card for everyone.

And if you find a card a bit cut off, choose a balloon. These too can be found in all shapes and sizes. With own photo, for Sarah and Abraham, with Woezel and Pip or Frozen.

Real post is more fun.

The range is large and now also completely focused on the coming holidays because you can also go to Greetz for Sinterklaas gifts and Christmas cards and Christmas pieces. So you can’t be there this year with package evening? Via Greetz you can still surprise them with nice Sinterklaas presents.

This way you can easily send chocolate, a large helium balloon or toys.

Let it pack

Let your Sinterklaas gift fitted in a festive way and make your surprise complete with a greeting card from the Sint. In addition to real post you also make a real success of Pakjesavond. And everything today for 14.00 ordered is still delivered today. Or before 22.00 ordered, delivered tomorrow.

Surprise your loved one, your child, parents or how about a promotional gift and use the discount.