Blind Learning Typing with the Type course of Loi Kidzz

Blind Learning Typing with the type of course from Loi Kidzz

Learn to type blindly With a type of course from Loi Kidzz. Our oldest son received a discount code through school and we thought it would be wise to start this course right away.He now needs a few lessons for the end test. Is it recommended?

And can he type blind now?

Learn to type blindly

I was in the first class of the mavo, when we received computer lessons, I spoke about 1986, everything was new to computers and types you still did with two fingers. I remember what a hassle this was in the beginning. By the way, I still wrote workpieces with fountain pen.

Only when I was about twenty years old and was on the HBO-V, did I have to make theses on the computer. Real learning to type with ten fingers or blind typing I never learned. In the meantime I have made it my own by blogging, but I still don’t succeed quickly blind typing.

LOI KIDZZ Typescursus

So when the oldest received a letter from school, which he could start with a typing course that year, I thought this was very useful. The course was given by Loi Kidzz and cost € 119.00. This was the price with a discount.

Normally the course is more expensive. The course lasts twenty weeks, five lessons every time. They end with a test every week.

A type of exam follows at the end, followed by a diploma. With the typing course, children learn to find all tests blind step by step in the first 11 weeks. From week 12 it’s all about building type speed.

For example, your child learns to type blindly and almost flawlessly with ten fingers in 20 weeks with at least 120 attacks per minute. In total you have a year to complete the course and you do not get a test in between, then you can make the several times until you are at the number of successes

Super Spy School

A few weeks after registration, a big envelope came in for the son. In addition to the login data, there were stickers in it to stick on the keys, but also things they need at their ‘ spies work ’ Your child gets typing lessons at the Super Spy School. By logging in the first time, your son or daughter is introduced to Super Spy Mister I. He takes your child into a worldwide spy adventure. Your spy in Spe does secret missions, cracks codes and type secret messages super fast. Those who learn to type well, completes the secret spy mission.

The children walk around virtually in the school, they sail with a speedboat and experience adventures.

Staying motivated is difficult to do

It was precisely because of the adventure that has been given to the type of course, our oldest remained motivated. Twenty weeks was long. Especially now that the course is at the end, I notice that he is less in the mood for typing. It’s not nothing either. Five times a week, after school, also typing twenty minutes and occasionally do exercises in between.

He also doesn’t do his five lessons every week. This can be done by the way, a boy from his class, did it in those twenty weeks,

Parent information

As a parent you will be kept informed of the type of lessons. You regularly receive an email, from Loi Kidzz it says to log in and then you see exactly how your son or daughter did that week.


I have no experiences with other types of courses, so my opinion is based on just this course. I am very satisfied with this course from Loi Kidzz. My son quickly blinded and learned to type with ten fingers.

By building the lessons, he learned to type the letters blind step by step and when this went well, the speed went up. If I sometimes had a question for Loi Kidzz, I received a response within 24 hours. I also liked the fact that I was kept informed of the progress.

Note: the keys are taped

When your son or daughter starts a type of course, keep in mind that the allocents are taped, so he or she does it on your computer, then know that you cannot see the allocers. The price is now online for € 139.00. But I assume that this next school year will also be in a promotion. At least I hope so, because then I actually get the youngest on this course.

In addition to this course from Loi Kidzz for Group 6-7-8, there is also one for children who go to high school.

Learn to type blindly

UPDATE: Two years later my other son and I also followed a typing course in the context of optimizing your blog site, this was built at another organization and also very differently. Maybe this method fits better with your son or daughter, so I would also like to mention it here.