Is your bathroom child-friendly enough

Is your bathroom child-friendly enough?

Is your bathroom child-friendly? When a baby enters the family, so does safety in the home. Stair gates, kitchen cabinet locks and door stops.

But the bathroom, have you thought about that too?

A child-friendly home

If you have small children, your home is often child-friendly. You think about doorstops and stair gates and put washing powder and other cleaning items safely at bay. But your bathroom, do you think about that too? A bathroom should be child-friendly. Young children should be able to shower safely.

Stumbling and slipping are the most common risks. A walk-in shower is in many ways a safe solution, but what else should you consider in the bathroom?

A walk-in shower

A shower wall and shower door separate the shower area. The quality is determined mainly by the thickness of the glass. Shower walls and shower doors come in different glass thicknesses. Nowadays 8 or 10mm safety glass is common.

A 10mm glass wall is stronger and more solid. Toughened safety glass is many times stronger than normal glass, and when it jumps, it becomes small chunks instead of shards. There are different types of tempered glass, such as clear and frosted glass. Walk-in showers have no threshold.

This is a big advantage for seniors and small children. It reduces the chance of a fall and makes you feel safe.

photo Megadumptiel

Burning from hot water

Burns from hot water can be prevented with a temperature limiter. Thanks to the limiter, the water never becomes hotter than 38 degrees. This is a good average temperature for the shower and bath, for example. An extra button needs to be pressed in order to turn the tap hotter.

Safe is the thermostatic faucet that comes with a cold casing. This technology ensures that the hot water in the faucet is completely bypassed by cold water, so the outside of the faucet never gets hotter than the set temperature. This way, the thermostatic faucet does not get too hot to possibly grip.

Provide anti-slip in the bathroom

The floor of a bathroom can become slippery due to moisture. Make sure the floor has an anti-slip coating or ceramic tiles with a matte finish to reduce the risk of slipping. Avoid using loose bath mats on the bathroom floor.

These increase the risk of falling. Many bathrooms are equipped with bathroom furniture. Avoid right angles and choose furniture with rounded corners.

Make sure the bathroom is tidy

An accident can happen in no time. Make sure a bathroom is always tidy. Do not leave objects lying around in the bathroom that are dangerous to a child.

Think of scissors, tweezers or hairpins, but also washing powder or perfume.

What do I have in the bathroom?

When the kids were little, we still had our old bathroom and with their arrival, we didn’t know how soon to tackle it. The bathtub was removed and a walk-in shower with a glass door was installed. We also have a temperature limiter on the shower faucet.

You may not immediately think of it when making the house child-friendly, but once the kids start walking a little, it’s a good idea to see if any changes need to be made here.