When you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself anymore

When you can’t go to the bathroom alone anymore

Monday was the day. The day I had been dreading for months. The day I hoped would just not come.

I had really high hopes that this time it would be different. That we would just skip this phase. However, my nine-month-old baby thought very differently about that.

I can’t go to the bathroom by myself anymore.

To the toilet alone

Do you know how nice it is, as a mother, to be able to go to the bathroom by yourself?. A few minutes to yourself. In a small cubicle with little stimulation, relax, maybe do a quick check of your facebook timeline and otherwise just do your thing.

The thing you visit that little hutch for. To all mothers; cherish the moments when you can sit in peace on the toilet. They are scarce and very precious.

Going to the toilet alone with a baby

You have a little baby’who sleeps a lot during the day. Moments like that are the perfect time to take a little me-time. (Provided of course you don’t have other children at home.) Just enjoy it because when your baby gets bigger and sleeps less you will have to be a little more creative with your me-time or even your toilet-time.

Our little girl is now nine months old and crawls all over the house. Great fun of course, keeping herself busy playing and crawling. Until recently I could work on my blog or get behind the sewing machine while mom was playing and dad was at school. Since last Monday, however, the little lady has a mind of her own.

As soon as I am out of her sight for even a second, she starts screaming. Sigh.. Just go to the toilet by yourself?

That’s out of the question, unless I make her scream really loud.

If you can no longer go to the toilet on your own

Now sometimes I’m fine with it, if I really have to go I just run back and forth quickly. Meanwhile madam is screaming the whole village together. Heavily indignant she looks at me as soon as I’m back in range. Whether I will never do that again! So I kind of miss my relaxing moments on the toilet.

I now try to hold off my toilet time until she is in bed because my motherly heart (and my ears) tend to cringe when she screams anyway. But sometimes the need arises and then I’ll just take the Mrs. Although that’s not really an ideal solution either because that little lady crawls everywhere and thinks a toilet roll is a pretty cool toy too.

Sigh.. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when I can go to the toilet on my own again in a relaxed manner.

Are you allowed to go to the toilet by yourself? Do you ever stay longer to enjoy the quiet??


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