Halloween seasonal tree and pumpkin

DIY Halloween seasonal tree and pumpkin

Just a few more nights of sleep, then it's Halloween. Last week you already read that we have been crafting for Halloween. We made a mummy and a ghost.

However, we had Many More Ideas and Went Straight On. This time we made a halloween seasonal tree and a pumpkin. Not an ordinary Pumpkin of Course But a Pumpkin with a Face.


Halloween Seasonal Tree

The Seasonal Tree is Already Experiencing Its 6th Metamorphosis. This time, of course, it had to be transformed into a halloween seasonal tree. We Shopped for Some Cobwebs and Spiders at Action and Xenos for Thesis.

I also Made Simple Pumpkins and Ghosts Out Of Paper.

A Small Job With A Nice Effect. Meanwhile, The Little Guy also had goths a real witch hat from Grandma and some funny glasses from mommy. The homemade mummy finished it all off.

All Items Are Together On The Table Of The Children. So have a cozy spooky halloween corner in the room.


DIY Pumpkin
What You Need?

After making last week's diy we still had a lot of wallpaper glue left over. I thought I had once seen an idea somewhere to make a pumpkin out of papier-mâché. So we set to work again armed with a slop apron and a placemat in hopes of keeping the kitchen a little cleaner this time around. (Which by the way totally failed, the wallpaper glue was behind our ears again.)

halloween seasonal tree

  • Wallpaper glue
  • Balloon
  • Rope
  • Newspaper/paper
  • Paint
  • Brush

How to get started?

First blow up the balloon. Not too big because there should be enough stretch in it to make it into a pumpkin shape. Then tie the rope around the balloon.

Start at the nipple (what a weird word) and keep going around the balloon.

Pull it all tight so you get a real pumpkin shape. Make sure you make 8 squares, like in picture 1.
Tear strips of an old newspaper. A good exercise for young children because tearing straight strips is a nice exercise for fine motor skills. Next, smear the strips with wallpaper glue and stick them on the balloon (photo 2).

This is where the mess started for us because what could be more fun than putting 300 liters of wallpaper glue on a small piece of newspaper? Right, quite little.

We got pretty dirty with the glue. After you have covered the entire balloon with a few layers of newspaper let it dry overnight. In our case this night was really necessary because there was quite an excess of glue used.

Halloween seasonal tree

When your entire pumpkin is thoroughly dry you can paint it. Our pumpkin needed two coats of orange before it covered well. This also depends a bit on which paint you use.

Then we painted a face on it together (photo 3).

Et voila, finished was our little work of art.

We are now ready for Halloween. Do you do anything for Halloween? Why or why not?

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