4 tips to better insulate your home and save money

4 tips to better insulate your home and save money

Many people are now insulating their homes better. It is a fact that you can save a lot of money by better insulating your house. Of course you have to spend money to do this, but the beauty of it is that over the years you will earn it back by yourself. Better insulation reduces your energy costs and you earn your money back step by step. In this blog you will read tips on insulating your home.

Double glazing

One of the most obvious problems to address in your home are the windows. Especially older houses often do not have double glazing everywhere and it can save you a lot of money. A lot of cold comes in through single glazing in winter. Stand by the window in winter and you can feel the cold coming right through. Know the dimensions of the window frames, then you can order glass online at GlasGigant. The Windows are then Delivered to Your Home and the Advantage of Ordering Through This Webshop, Is That You Pay Wholesale Prices. If you want to order double glazing from glass giant, check carefully white you are going for normal double glazing, or hr ++ or even hr+++. Finally, you can also opt for triple glazing, which we or see in newly build houses.

Placing moisture comics

A Slightly Less Drastic Job is to install Draught Strips. You can Easily Feel Whether This Is Necessary If You Stand Near the Doors And Window Frames On A Cold Day. Feel a Lot or Wind? Installing Draught Strips is a must. The Costs For This Will Be Recovered Very Quickly With The Costs You Will Save. Draught Excluder Strips Are Easy to Install Yourself, So You Don’t Have Any Expective DIY Costs Either.

Radiator Foil

This Tip Has Been Around For A Long Time And, Unfortunately, Is Often Not Applied. A Shame, because this fairly simple adjustment will preserve a lot of heat in your home. Radiator Film is Reflective and By Placing It Behind the Radiators, The Heat Is Reflected Back Into The Room, So To Speak. The Heat, And Therefore Your Money, Does Not Disappear Into The Walls.

Solar Panels

This tip will not earn you any money in the short term, so this tip is eSpecial interest for you if you if you plan to live in your current home for a long time to come and if you can spare a bigger Expense Right Nowt Nowt now. The Cost of Solar Panels is offully Recouped Between 8 and 10 years, after which it will save you moneyy. Indeed, if your house has a good location, you will have virtualy no costs for energy.

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