Kids second hand clothing buy online

Beebie & Kids second hand clothing buy online

Cheerful green and pink are the beautiful colors of the web store of beebie & kids. a clear site with a large selection. And not only second hand clothes, also toys, accessories and more. And everything affordable!

Beebie & Kids

At Beebie & Kids you can find affordable, used baby clothing and children’s clothing in sizes 44 to 140. But also Clothing accessories and children’s accessories, cuddly toys and teddy bears can be found at this shop. Especially baby clothes you only use for a short time, so why not buy them second hand.

At Beebie & kids immediately notice the beautiful Christmas clothes on the home page of the website.

Now for the holidays

These are now, of course, on the beebie site & Kids for the upcoming holidays, but if you look further you will see nice children’s clothing. In the clear overview of brands you can search very specifically for a particular brand. Brands like Feetje, bambam, bambino or Little Boy-Girl star see you pass by, The pictures of the clothes and toys are clear, so you know well what you buy.

Clear subdivisions on the site

The website of beebie & Kids is laid out so clearly that you can already see in the header what you can buy. For example, if you go by girls, all the clothing items will appear that you can search by size and clothing, so you don’t have to go through whole pages for the right size. you are immediately on the right site. There is also a subdivision into summer or winter clothing, underwear etc.

In addition to clothing, you can find on the Beebie site & Kids toys (also divided by age), cuddly blankets in all shapes and sizes, as well as swimwear, swimming band or wings.

The ladies behind the webshop

Sandra and Linda are best friends and together they started a second hand web store in baby and children’s clothes in 2006. Since spring 2016, they have changed the name of their site to beebie & Kids.

It started as a hobby

Starting the shop as a hobby because they thought it was a shame to leave good baby and children’s clothes in the attic, they soon turned professional and now have a webshop of size ‘beebie & Kids’. Besides contributing a bit to society by giving clothes a second chance, Sandra and Linda also support the charity ‘Wings of Support’. About once every two months they donate stuff they don’t use for the web store to Wings of Support.

This organization ensures that clothing, toys, cuddly toys and other items reach their destination by means of stewardesses and volunteers.