Screens and the consequences for children’s eyes

Screens and the consequences for children’s eyes

Children watch a screen all day long. At home and at school. Children’s glasses Brand Junior & Junior rises her sleeves and comes up with a campaign to make parents aware of the consequences of displays on the health of children’s eyes.

Screens and children’s eyes

I myself have had an eye disease -Keratoconus -I see nothing without lenses and I am really dependent on the scleralses I wear. I know how difficult it is to have poor visibility and I am very aware of what this can have an impact for children. Our oldest son has been wearing glasses since he was third and after having been to the ophthalmologist every year, let’s now check his view at the optician. He also looks a lot on screens, both at school and at home.

I think it is very good to read that children’s glasses brand junior & Junior rolls up her sleeves to make parents aware of the consequences of screens on the health of children’s eyes!

Junior & Junior and the Eye Fund

Junior &Junior works together with the Eye Fund, which has been committed to a visible better future for the Netherlands since 1947. The number of children to wear glasses is increasing enormously. The younger generation is increasingly softening because they spend so much time on displays.

The 20-20-2 rule can help

The average screen time of children is high. Children are inseparable with their screen. They read, scroll, watch and usually play on laptop, tablet or mobile phone and ’ in the evening they also like to watch their favorite series on TV. Scientific research has shown that the lifetime 20-20-2 can help to protect children’s eyes.

This rule is for 20 minutes of focus- 20 seconds looking away and 2 hours a day.

Back to school promotion from Junior & Junior

Junior & Junior starts her campaign during the Back to School period in September and, in addition to the use of social media, is also actively informing schools with messages that can be sent to the parents. Ideal and if I look at the screens use of my high school students, I would say, certainly give extra attention here.

Order glasses from home

The advantage of children’s glasses brand Junior & Junior is that you can order the entire collection from home. Online you will find tips for the right size and glasses. Eye measurements in children up to the age of 12 are done by an orthoptist or optometrist, so you don’t have to go to a glasses shop for this. If the children are older, like us, the measurement takes place at an optician in the store. At Junior & Junior you can easily order the Try Me Box online, at shipping costs you will receive a selection of four glasses at home for free.

If your child has found his or her favorite glasses than makes junior & Junior the chosen tailor -made glasses and sends them.

Keep an eye on your child’s eyes

Because children just look a lot on screens, it is good to have their eyes checked in the event of complaints. You will see when your child sees less well, keep an eye on this and be on time. With the Try Me Box of Junior & Junior is super easy to pick out nice glasses.

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