Visit this holiday the Zuiderzeelicht in the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen

Visit this holiday the Zuiderzeelicht in the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen

Until Sunday, January 5, you can go to the Zuiderzeelicht in the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. An exciting folk story told by Frank Lammers. With the crescent as a set piece. We have been here and it is highly recommended to go.

It is surprising and so beautiful!

The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen

Even though I lived in the neighborhood of Enkhuizen for years, only a few years ago I went to the Zuiderzee Museum for the first time. I really enjoyed this museum and was definitely planning to come back again. During this Christmas holidays we were invited to come to Enkhuizen to come and have a look at the third edition of the Zuiderzeelicht. I didn’t know what to expect and went completely blank. What a surprise was waiting for us.

A surprise full of light, image and sound.

The Zuiderlicht

After the great success of previous years, this year from December 21 to January 5, the third edition of Zuiderzeelicht will take place. The exciting folk story “The ship captain of Enkhuizen” has been edited especially for the Zuiderzee Museum by screenwriter Barbara Jurgens and is told by none other than actor and director Frank Lammers. And with the Halve Maen – the 17th century Replica ship – As a set piece, this age -old Zuiderzeelegende comes to life via Zuiderzeelicht through light, image and sound.

Walk this Christmas holiday through the atmospheric dark streets in the outdoor museum and experience the story during Zuiderzeelicht.

The ship captain of Enkhuizen

I had reserved tickets for 17.15. The day in advance I received an email with information where we could park and we were welcomed with a delicious glass of glow juice (100& Of course, 100% alcohol free) and after a short explanation we set off. The walk went through the outdoor museum. The group consisted of around 30 people, with this group you walked the entire walk. It all started at the chapel, where Frank Lammers took us in the story of the ship’s captain of Enkhuizen.

The story is about a captain who concludes a contract with the devil and through the love for a woman fights between heart and greed. It is an exciting story about greediness, passion, loyalty and connectedness and about the battle between good and evil.

The Zuiderzeelicht, a true spectacle

The Zuiderzeelicht is really a surprise.When you enter the museum, you see lights everywhere. This is so beautiful! Walking through the outdoor museum, you walk past 7 scenes.

The road is well indicated and every scene started with a counting plate with lights, these are red, then you have to wait a while until the lights are green. With Groen you can go through and the story of the ship captain and the devil continues. When you walk into the chapel at the first scene and Frank Lammers starts telling, then you have the idea to be completely included in the story.

From the chapel you walk through the narrow streets from the outdoor museum to scene 2; where the Half Maen is and the story continues. This way you walk on to the next scene every time. Through the show, the many lights and the stories that are beautifully told, it is a true spectacle.

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Practical tips for the Zuiderzeelicht

Zuiderzeelicht can be visited from Saturday December 21, 2019 to Sunday 5 January 2020 between 17.00 and 22.00 hours, with the exception of 24, 25 and 31 December. The walk takes approximately 1 hour (part of the route is not accessible for the disabled, prams and wheelchairs). The event is only accessible to visitors with an online ticket with personal starting time between 17.00 and 21.00 hours.

Reservations can be made via this link, also with a museum card or BankGiro Loterij VIP card.